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-Youth focused Sobriety Checkpoints -

Impaired driving is a serious crime that kills more than 16,000 people and injures nearly 305,000 others every year. Every 32 minutes, someone in America dies in an impaired driving crash. Every two minutes, someone is injured.  Community-based partnerships, along with highly visible enforcement activities are important keys to keeping our youth safe. Studies show that two of the most effective tools are sobriety checkpoints and saturation patrols.  In a targeted effort to keep youth safe and raise awareness, the Alton Police Department and the Madison County Sheriff’s Department (with support from prosecuting attorneys and DFA) will conduct a several sobriety check points per year around times that youth are more likely to be on the road. 

-High School aged focused media campaigns –

Prevention based media campaigns are designed to influence attitudes/norms, increase knowledge, suggest/prompt a positive action, refute myths/misconceptions, and/or increase perception of risk. Alton High School has been successfully implementing campaigns for over 10 years!  The current campaign, “Get Infected with the Truth” warns students about the dangers of underage drinking designed in a way to capture their attention. 

-Parent/Adult focused media campaigns -

Alcohol is still the number one drug of choice among teens.  Teens self-report that their number one source of alcohol is parties and from parent providers.  A campaign that aims to educate parents on the consequences of providing alcohol to those who are under the age of 21 will be launched in the community soon!

-Project Toward No Drug Abuse -

Project TND is being implemented currently at Alton High School and reaching nearly all 10th grade students (as well as some freshman).  It includes 12 classroom-based sessions. Each session is 40 to 50 minutes in length. Each session includes a review of the previous session, a primary activity, and a review of the activity. The method utilized for reviews and summaries is the TND Game, in which teams of students compete for points by answering questions about the curriculum material.  Overall, the sessions are highly interactive, with the use of classroom discussions, skill demonstrations, role-playing, and psychodrama techniques throughout the curriculum.

  • Provide additional underage drinking and substance abuse information and resources to individuals and organizations.
  • Training opportunities for coalition and community members.


  • Engaged key community leaders in underage drinking and substance abuse prevention efforts
  • Hosted Town Hall meeting s to educate the community and link people to resources
  • Successfully engaged local youth in advocacy and prevention efforts
  • Organized efforts to improve and maintain safety at Rock Spring Park
  • Ongoing and sustainable efforts to make alcohol and drugs less accessible to our youth