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Where do you turn for answers or help when you need it most?  There are many places for today’s teenagers to look for guidance on life’s challenges, whether great or small.  From friends, family, and Facebook to teachers, Twitter, and television, you are bombarded with information and advice on how to make it through this thing called life.  While perhaps not all bad, the “help” offered by many often comes as advice generated by nothing more than one’s own opinion or personal experience.  However, teenagers living in today’s world of broken homes, economic difficulty, identity confusion, and the incredible pressure to perform socially, athletically, and academically need better answers and quite frankly better guidance than that provided by the experience and opinions of today’s mainstream. 

Life’s difficulties often send us on an unending quest for peace and satisfaction.  We search for it around every corner through relationships and achievements believing that if our team makes the playoffs, the right girl answers “yes” to my prom invitation, or I win the silver medallion award, then I will be fulfilled and life will be better.  However, the Bible tells us there is only one place where lasting peace is found.  Jesus told His disciples in John 16:33, “I have told you these things so that in Me you might have peace.  In the world you will have trouble, but take heart!  I have overcome the world.”  Jesus knew that you and I would have trouble in this world.  No doubt, there is plenty of it to go around!  He also knew that real and lasting peace in the midst of our troubles can’t be found in anything other than Himself.  Your Instagram and Twitter followers may really love you, and I’m confident your best buddy Bubba is a great guy.  I’m even sure the latest episode of Dowtown Abbey can teach you a life lesson or two.  But these must not be the sources we seek for peace and truth in the midst of life’s ups and downs.  So I ask you, where do you turn for answers or help when you need it most?  Turn to Jesus, He is the Answer!